100 years

New developments

300 ha

Price from

10 €/m²


Baltic Chemical Park (BCP) has an ideal geographical location with Plug & Play concept in place for chemical production. BCP provides unique value chain for chemical companies with the minimum amount of logistical effort to operate between EU and Russian market.


Our Investors are supported by a number of investment planning and construction services. All the permits are obtained and licensing procedures are completed quickly and efficiently with the competent public authorities assisting in the process from a very early stage.


Prospective investors of Baltic Chemical Park have an access to all utilities typically required for the operation of a chemical plant, e.g. electrical power (different voltages), steam (different pressure stages), natural gas, industrial gases, water (different qualities), cooling water, compressed air, sewage system.


Modern connecting roads and railway connections (Tallinn-St Petersburg –Moscow) with rapidly developing deep-water port.


Estonian chemical industry has flourished in the past thanks to local feedstock: oil shale chemistry, producing of rare earth metals and their oxides. Baltic Chemical Park is the shortest link between huge EU market and abundance of local and Russian feedstock looking for new technologies and markets. Here in Kohtla-Järve we have an ideal potential to connect the EU science and technology with the Estonian and Russian feedstock, by opening up a whole new world of opportunities.


Our “Plug & Play” concept is specially designed for EU and Russian chemical industry players to find the synergy. BCP target clients are looking for new markets and opportunities. BCP is the nearest gateway for Russian feedstock to access the European 1 trillion € chemical market capacity. BCP is the safest and closest place to enter the uncharted territories of Russian chemical market.

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