Baltic Chemical Park (BCP) has an ideal geographical location for raw materials and intermediates with Plug & Play solutions in place for chemical production. BCP provides unique value chain which is made possible by the wide choice and ready availability of chemicals – with the minimum amount of logistical effort.

Services provided at the Baltic Chemical Park

Planning support

Planning support Phase 1 includes consultation during the feasibility study:

  • Organization of meetings with reps of the local authorities;
  • Organization of contacts with local business people;
  • Assistance in elaboration of investments prefeasibility and feasibility studies;
  • Assistance and consulting in attraction of needed financing and organization of meetings with financial institutions;
  • Assistance in solving everyday issues that are bound to appear when living/staying in a foreign country.

Planning Support Phase 2 includes consultation during the project starting period:

  • Registration/purchase of company;
  • Assistance in collecting required documents for notary deals;
  • Setting appointments with a notary and consultations during notary deals;
  • Assistance and consulting in elaboration and preparation of applications for financing;
  • Recommendations for designers, subcontractors and partners;
  • Guiding, assistance and consulting in obtaining required agreements and permits from the local and state institutions;

Planning Support Phase 3 includes consultation and follow-up in the development phase during the first 3 years:

  • Incubation and acceleration services;
  • Elaboration of applications for getting financing and grants from EU Structural Funds;
  • Assistance in recruiting of the staff and organization of additional training or retraining (data base for more than 1500 people);
  • Assistance in integration into the local business environment.

Investment process support

  • Investment Process has transparent timeline for all the investors
  • Investment liabilities (agreed with investor amount usually within three years)
  • New job creation liabilities
  • Penalty for non-compliance with the liabilities
  • Mortgage in amount of the penalty
  • The right to purchase back by the selling price in case non-compliance with the liabilities

Supporting services

Estonian Rescue Board

Estonian Rescue Board regional office is located in the nearest town which is 5 minutes away from Baltic Chemical Park. Estonian Rescue Board is responsible for the safety and effectiveness of chemical emergency management at the Baltic Chemical Park for the protection of people, property and the environment and also responding to hazardous materials/chemical emergencies.

Oil Shale Competence Center

Oil Shale Competence Center (OSCC) is internationally acknowledged leader in field of efficient usage of oil shale and other related resources, independent expert in the field of oil shale and promoter of entrepreneurship and regional development. Focus of the prolonged project is the development of research and entrepreneurship in the field of oil shale, general knowledge raise and ensuring the sustainability of OSCC

Virumaa College of TTU

Virumaa College of TTU is a regional academic educational institution , which contributes to providing of high-level and competitive higher education in the field of technology and engineering as well as to development and innovations at a home town of Baltic Chemical Park. Teaching is based on the motivated and competent employees and on the cooperation with enterprises. The graduates of the college are venturesome, ambitious and are highly appreciated on the labor market. Virumaa College is responsible for offspring of young engineers and development of technical culture in Ida-Virumaa.

Geological Survey of Estonia

The Geological Survey of Estonia (EGK) provides geological services for the private sector and state. The EGK focuses on geological mapping, identification and inventory of groundwater and mineral resources, and environmental problems. We offer expertise and consultations in economic, environmental and social contexts, provide custom services to enterprises, organizations and civilians. The EGK laboratory is accredited for making different rock, sediment, soil, peat and water analyses. The laboratory participates in various Estonian and international sample exchange programmes, such as WEPAL, NIVA, etc.